Liam Theo Spicklemier Creative is a photographer in many ways. He provides services for senior portrait, family photos, business, real estate, pet, wedding, and engagement.


Photo Albums

I love taking photographs! There are so many amazing places and subjects to capture with a camera. Here are the albums I currently have. Click on the thumbnails and take a look through all of the pictures that I have.

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Senior Pictures

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Real Estate

I have been taking pictures for a few years now. I first found my passion for the art of photography during my time in the Graphic Design | Media Arts program at SCC in Lincoln, Nebraska. I quickly gravitated towards landscape photography as my favorite. Portraits have definitely increased over the past couple of years. I can not seem to get enough of taking pictures.

Below are some samples of my work. I can offer a wide variety of options at a great price! Request photography services or just reach out and let’s chat about some project options.


Liam Theo Photo Edits

Liam Theo Spickelmier photo manipulations and edits hyper edit promo image

Along with taking many, many photos, I love sitting down in Photoshop and completely manipulating photographs to my liking. This is where I get a chance to truly test my skills with editing and lighting adjustments. This also gives me a chance to really let my creative mind fly.

Check out the gallery of my edits below! Many of the edits come from random pictures in my archive. At times, I will just play with color, lighting, blur, and so on. Other times, I will mesh multiple photos together, create something fantasy driven, and just something appealing to look at.

Edits Gallery

Product Photography

For any businesses searching for a photographer to take pictures of their products, I am available.

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